Terms and Conditions


1. General

Playpass is a limited liability Corporation registered at Crossroads Bank for companies under corporation number 0501.728.738 in Belgium (hereinafter PlayPass) which provides on a free basis to the User the use of this internet site, hereinafter the “Site”, to any person who makes use of it, hereinafter the User, who accepts and acknowledge that by accessing and making use of this Site accepts these terms and conditions (hereinafter “Terms and Conditions”).

In the event that, once these Terms andConditions are fully read and understood, you do not agree to submit them, you must immediately suspend its use and access neither to the Site nor the Software.

2. Services

PlayPass Users shall be able to register on the Site and create their own accounts to recharge their wristbands and make use of the recharged balance on the Site during the time of the Event to which they have entered. Users, through the Site shall be able to carry out::

Purchase operations “cashless”, through electronic bracelet type devices NFC (Near Field Communication), with an UID ( UID is a unique code, which identifies the chip that PlayPass uses and will be delivered by the Event Organizer to the Users.

Additionally the Users may be able to:

• Register

• Recharge the

• Request refunds for non used

recharges (except for the gift balance)

Adicionalmente los Usuarios pueden:

• Registrarse

• Recargar sus pulseras NFC

• Solicitar reembolsos de las recargas no utilizadas (con excepción del saldo de cortesía)

3. Access to the Site

At the time of the Registration, the User shall provide true, accurate, current and complete information about his identity, as well as to, maintain and keep updated in a timely manner his registration data. In this act, User accept his response responsibility and admit that PlayPass shall suspend or cancel his account and/or the access to the Site, in case PlayPass has reasonable doubts to presume that the information provided is false, inaccurate, not updated or incomplete.

Access to the Site is guaranteed on a temporary basis and will only be used for the event to which the User is registered.

PlayPass will not be responsible in case the Event is cancelled or is not available for any reason by the Organizer, during any period of time.

4. Accounts and Passwords.

In order to access the Site, the User must create an account as well as a password for which the User is fully responsible for the activities that may occur during the usage of the same. The User shall immediately give notice to PlayPass on any unauthorized use of his account or password, which may be the result of any breach of security, and to ensure to log out the session upon termination of it. In the event that User does not give on time proper notice to PlayPass, the latter would not be liable for any damage or harm caused by failure to comply with this section or for the unauthorized access or use of the account.

5. Recharges and Refunds

In the event that User does not make use of the total balanced deposited through the Site on his devices NFC, the remaining balance may be requested. Such remaining balance shall be delivered without exception, in the same manner used by the User to carry out his recharges. For this “on line” recharges, refunds shall be automatically made, once the event is over, and the User request its reimbursement.

If the User recharges any amount during the event, reimbursement must be requested through the application available for the user after the event, and will provide his data for further reimbursement after the Event by the Organizer.

The Organizer of the Event is solely responsible for communicating its refund policy to Users either through his own site or by any other means of communication, such policy shall be in accordance to the current Terms and Conditions.

The Event Organizer takes full responsibility of providing reimbursements to Users in accordance with his reimbursement policies.

6. Notice of use of trade marks

Trade mark, notices, commercial names, logos, distinctive signs, drawings and in general any work protected by the Federal Copyright Law, Industrial Property Law, as well as any International Agreement or any other applicable regulations ( hereinafter. “the Rights”), that appears on the Site, are Property of PlayPass, its headquarters, subsidiaries, distributors or Event Organizers and/or related companies or from its Licensors, therefore, any extraction, transformation, use, utilization, reproduction and retransmission other than those shown on the Site is expressly prohibited, unless there is prior written consent expressly granted by the owner, proprietary or licensor, respecting at all times the ownership of the Rights. The information and material of the Site shall not be copied, distributed, printed, granted in any kind of license, modified, published, reproduced, selled, transmitted, used to create a work different for the purpose of the Site, or used for public or commercial purposes, unless there is prior consent of the owner and/or licensor. Any other unauthorized activity under this Terms and Conditions, either by reproduction, copy, use, distribution, marketing, public communications or any other whatsoever, will be deemed as breach in terms of the Industrial Property Law, Federal Copyright Law and other applicable legal regulations..

7. Site Content Restrictions

The User shall not use the Site for:

• Publish, submit, transmit or otherwise make available any Content, which may be illegal, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libelous, invasion or privacy, hateful, racially, ethnically or otherwise.

• To forge any person or entity, and/or make false statements about their association with an individual or corporation.

• Publish, send, transmit or make available to third parties any Content without the authorizations and licenses required by the owners, proprietaries and/or holders.

• Make available to third parties, publish, email or otherwise, any Content which contains computer viruses or any other informatic code, files or programs designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the performance of any software or hardware equipment or telecommunications equipment or to interact in any manner with the Software property of PlayPass; • Any nonfulfillment to the present Terms and Conditions.

The User accepts, by using the Site that,

All data outside the Site has no protection whatsoever and might be exposed and deviated, therefore the diffusion of any information transmitted by the User outside the Site shall be at his/her own risk and responsibility.

• In the event you are out of the Site, it will at your own responsibility to take the necessary steps to protect the information, data and/or software of his/her property from possible accesses from internet to your device, or to avoid a possible contamination by virus or users’ attacks which mighy be circulating in Internet, in such case PlayPass shall not be responsible whatsoever of any damages or harm caused to the holder by these facts.

• The information services of the Site may contain links so the user may navigate outside the visited section as well as to access other sites of interest in Internet, which are controlled or that are property of persons or institutions different from PlayPass, therefore such places are not under PlayPass control, and thus it is not responsible for the content and/or use of any other place linked to the Place.

The fact that the Organizer of the Event may be able to make links with other interest sites or related to the topic that is being consulted, it is only with the purpose of offering a more efficient access. PlayPass is not responsible whatsoever for any mistake, exclusion, content or use of the sites and pages linked to the Site, and thus the User acknowledges that when accessing to those Sites, it does it under its own and exclusive responsibility.

8. Use of Cookies

When entering the Site, PlayPass gathers certain information through automated systems, including cookies (small text files stored in its navigator) and similar technologies, including the identifiers of mobile applications, to increase security measures, measure the use and the effectiveness of the Site, to identify problems and later on to solve them. It also uses cookies and other automatized systems for other purposes, including the management of the Site and other aspects related with the commercialization of PlayPass.

The Information gathered by PlayPass includes IP address, Navigator properties, properties of the device, version of the operating system, the information of the actions taken in the Site (including the use, monitor the activities and clicks), and the dates and hours in which the Web site is visited. All information records are deleted from time to time.

The User mat be able to verify the use of cookies through the navigators configuration and other tools: likewise it also enables him to configurate the navigator to disactivate, restore or also to block the use of cookies or similar technologies. However, it is possible that, without the acceptance of use of cookies, the Site does not work properly, or that not all the features of the Site might be available.

Third parties can also use cookies to gather information on their activities in the Site, with the purpose of not only having a better understanding on the Site but also to improve its performance. Thus, if continuing with the use of this Site, accepts the use of cookies in its navigator in accordance with the present Terms and Conditions.

9. Privacy.

The User of this Site, by this mean acknowledges its consent with respect to its personal data derived from this instrument to be disclosed and/or delivered to de Organizer of the Event to be handled in compliance with the terms, conditions and the purpose established in the “Privacy Agreement”, which is in the Site at the disposal of the User, in accordance with the Federal Law for Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Third Parties.

10. Termination

By using the Site, the User accepts, that PlayPass is enabled to, without the requirement of a judicial order, to cancel its password, Site Accounts, in any moment and for any reason, including but not limited to, lack of use, or if PlayPass considers that the User has breached with the current Terms and Conditions; accepting that the termination of his right to use de Site, might occur without previous notice.

11. Notifications

All notifications sent to the User shall be made through email, or through the Site and/or by ordinary mail to the addresses registered at PlayPass. Any notification, notice, requirement and any other required communication to be carried out by PlayPass, shall be made by email and/or ordinary mail to:


Lange Gasthuisstraat 29, 2000 Antwerp - Bélgica

+32 3 231 09 18


In the event that any provision of the current Terms and Conditions, turn out to be illegal or unfeasible in compliance with any present or future law, and if the rights and obligations of the Parties in accordance to the current Terms do not turned out to be materially affected by such situation, (i) the present Terms and Conditions shall be understood and fulfilled as of if such illegal stipulation, invalid or unfeasible as if they have never been part of the same and (ii) the remaining conditions will be in force and will not be affected by the illegal condition, Invalid or unenforceable.

12. Changes or cancellations.

Cancellations of the Events shall only by carried out solely by the Event Organizer, and therefore PlayPass shall not bear any responsibility for the damages that such cancellation of the Event may cause to the User.

Any communication which may be carried out due to the cancellations settled in the abovementioned paragraph, shall be the only and exclusive responsibility of the Event Organizer. In the event that the cancellation(s) of the event are due to acts of God or Force majeure, neither PlayPass nor the Event Organizer(s), shall be responsible for the non-compliance of any of their obligations as set forth under this Terms and Conditions.

13. Headings

Headings included under the present Terms and Conditions, are set forth only for convenience purposes and therefore shall not affect neither the meaning nor the interpretation of the same.

14. Jurisdiction

For the interpretation and fulfillment of the Terms and Conditions, the parties agree to submit to the laws of the United MexicanStates. Likewise, in case of any controversy with regard to the interpretation and fulfillment, the parties hereby agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the competent courts in Mexico City, expressly waiving their right to choose any other jurisdiction that might be applicable in virtue of their current or future domiciles, or by any other cause.